Office 365 is now Microsoft 365

Axima Corporation : Microsoft 365 Partner in India

A cloud solution helps businesses work more efficiently and effectively by streamlining their processes. The most important benefit for companies was they would work anywhere and any time. As a result, if you're not on the cloud, you're out of the race.

Microsoft 365 (Formerly Microsoft Office 365)

Every organisation needs data. With the surge in its use and digital transformation in businesses, a solution to help businesses become more productive was required. This is where cloud computing solutions come in. Why choose Microsoft 365 when there are so many other cloud solutions? Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based software service that offers secure, anywhere access to emails and calendars, office web apps, instant messaging, video conferencing, and file sharing.


Features of Microsoft 365

Microsoft Planner:

Plan your day in advance with Microsoft Planner. From making work schedules, assigning tasks and sharing files, everything is possible with this tool.

Microsoft MyAnalytics:

Enhance your focus, wellbeing and productivity at the digital workplace with Microsoft MyAnalytics. Powered by artificial intelligence, it keeps track of the time one spends on different applications.


Working in a hybrid model makes collaboration with team members even more crucial. Kaizala is a messaging platform that may be used by both internal and external users. Receive timely notifications and efficiently coordinate at work.

Why Axima Corporation

We are a cloud solution provider that aims to help businesses achieve greater performance and productivity by enabling them to make the most of their time, which is the most valuable asset today. By partnering with Microsoft 365, we add more flexibility and speed for your business with the help of Office 365 tools. We provide a solution for all your cloud concerns, from cloud solutions to data migration and implementation. In Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and other Indian locations, we are an approved Microsoft 365 reseller.

  • 10,000+ contented consumers across India
  • Customer Support 24*7
  • Five offices in key Indian cities
  • Almost 15+ years of experience in cloud technology
  • Strong understanding of cloud security